Sustainability and Responsibility in Food and Agriculture

Session Report


Sustainabilty @ Emmi

Sustainability @ SV Group

Consumer behaviour and lifestyle

Innovation Management

This workshop session will include a series of invited short presentations on selected topics, followed by an open discussion to trigger an intensive exchange among all participants that eventually helps to initiate future research collaboration and to link research into education.

Food is one of our basic needs, it is culture and sometimes also a luxury good. Contemporary food supply and marketing encompasses the whole value chain from agriculture over food processing (including gastronomy) to the consumers. Along this chain, it involves various challenges of sustainable resource management (soil, water, energy, nutrient losses, food waste, etc.) as well as
concerns of responsibility and governance.

The UN Global Compact launched on 13 May 2014 the Food and Agriculture Business (FAB) Principles to serve as umbrella principles (the first set of global voluntary business principles for the food and agriculture sector) that complement existing initiatives on agriculture and food sustainability and aim at achieving a principle‐based commitment and inclusion of farmers and agribusinesses. The FAB Principles shall also provide a common basis for corporate sustainability reporting. This session aims at connecting the FAB Principles with PRME both from a research and education perspective.

Program and invited speakers

Session Chair: Werner Hediger

Introduction to the session
Prof. Dr. Werner Hediger, HTW Chur, Switzerland

Value chain management in the food industry
Max Peter, Head Trade & Supply Chain Management, Emmi, Switzerland

Consumer behavior & lifestyle
Evelyn Markoni, HAFL, Zollikofen, Switzerland

Gastronomy: Out-of-home food consumption
Peter Lutz, CMO, SV-Group, Switzerland

Innovation management in the restaurant industry
Prof. Dr. Michael Ottenbacher, Hochschule Heilbronn, Germany & HTW Chur, Switzerland

Open discussion with all session participants
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Werner Hediger, HTW Chur, Switzerland

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