Sustainable Development and Economic Growth

This session will address the question how to best integrate the conflictual aspects of sustainable development and economic growth into management education and into the future cooperation of PRME with UN Global Compact.

Even in rich nations economic growth continues to be the dominating policy goal (for social and economic sustainability). The hope is that conflicts with increasing resource consumption and the depletion of essential assets of future generations could be avoided primarily by an eco-efficiency revolution i.e. by “greening” growth. The workshop will critically discuss the potential of delinking and will address additional strategic options (e.g. sufficiency). Is the growth paradigm obsolete for rich nations and do we need to explore new paths to increase people’s well-being? What would be the macro-economic consequences, how could companies contribute and adapt?

This workshop session is designed to have a high level of interaction with participants. Presentation will be about 15 minutes in order to have enough time for discussion.

Session Chair: Rudi Kurz; Co-Chair: Fred Luks


Sustainable Development and Green Growth
Rudi Kurz
Pforzheim University, Germany

The Future of Economic Growth
Fred Luks
Wirtschaftuniversität Wien, Vienna, Austria

Linking the Business and Macro Perspective of Sustainable Development
Werner Hediger
University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland

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