Systems Thinking and Responsible Management Education

This combined paper-panel session will first present empirical and conceptual papers in a speed talk format of 8 minutes each (6 speakers), and second provide sufficient space for further exploring the topic in the following panel discussion of about 25 minutes.

Long abstracts with a maximum of 800 words are invited for papers on teaching and training systems thinking in higher education related to management studies. Both conceptual and empirical research papers should focus on systems thinking aspects in relation with management, including but not limited to keywords such as complexity, simplicity, networks, social-ecological systems, uncertainty, change, resilience, didactics, arts, visualization, experience, trans-disciplinarity, or learning.

This session is designed to develop a rich, in-depth discussion amongst panelists and the audience on how the key competence of systems thinking can be successfully taught, based on high-level academic input and stimulation from the speed talks.

Chair: Tobias Luthe; Co-Chairs: Michael von Kutzschenbach & Patty Kluytmans


Tobias Luthe
University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland

Michael von Kutzschenbach
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

Patty Kluytmans
Bright Future Lab, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Silvia Barbero
Polytechnico Torino, Italy

Ralph Willmann
Systemic Coach & Actor, Munich, Germany


Contact the session chair.

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