Towards a Human Centered Paradigm in Executive Education

Towards a Human Centered Paradigm

Session Report

This interactive workshop is aiming to provide a platform to discuss some conceptual underpinnings of responsible executive education following three main questions. First is the question of why we need executive education? What is the normative weight that executive education programs carry and what is their purpose within a responsible conception of executive education? Second the question of what should be taught in executive education? What are the curricular foci that empower participants to generate wider positive impact through their executive jobs? Third comes the question of how to teach in executive education? What pedagogical approaches and delivery tools allow for a rich learning experience?

During the workshop the session chairs will initially give a very brief presentation highlighting some answers on those questions. The source of those answers is a book on responsible executive education which is currently being edited. Following the presentation a moderated discussion will take place using some of the techniques featured in the aforementioned book. We intend to use the insights gained in this session within the concluding chapter of the book and are very much looking forward to a lively workshop.

Co-chairs: Ernst von Kimakowitz & Wolfgang Amann


Towards a Human Centered Paradigm in Executive Education
Ernst von Kimakowitz
Humanistic Management Center, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Wolfgang Amann
HEC Paris in Qatar, Qatar

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