PRME Anti-Corruption Toolkit as a Practical Resource for Curriculum Change

Ethical Business Leadership in the Global Economy

Teaching methods to implement the PRME Anti-Corruption Toolkit

Piloting PRME AC Toolkit in India and Tanzania

The PRME Anti-Corruption Toolkit is a comprehensive teaching resource for lecturers at business schools and higher education institutions around the world. The aim of the Toolkit is to address the ethical, moral, and practical challenges that students may face in the marketplace. Check out the modules and complete toolkit on

The panelists of this workshop are members of the PRME Working Group on Anti-Corruption, which developed this free open source web-based Toolkit. From the practitioner’s point of view, Ronald E. Berenbeim will share his experience about teaching courses based on the AC Toolkit material. Focusing on the cultural context, Shiv K. Tripathi will provide a short insight into using the Toolkit in India and Tanzania. And Christian Hauser presents an „interactive case study“ as an example of a software-based training tool on anti-corruption. All workshop participants are welcome to ask questions and to participate in the discussion.

Session Chair: Ruth Nieffer


Ronald E. Berenbeim
Adjunct Professor of Business Ethics, New York University Stern School of Business Administration, USA

Shiv K. Tripathi
Professor, Mzumbe University Dar Es Salaam Campus, Tanzania

Ruth Nieffer
Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland

Christian Hauser
Professor of International Management, University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland

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