Book Project Workshop 31. October 2014

9:00-10:30      21st Century Management Education: The Challenge of Poverty

Moderator: Carole Parkes

Book Overview Carole Parkes, Milenko Gudić, Al Rosenbloom
Section I.  Making the case for the inclusion of poverty Shiv Tripathi, Ajai Prahkash, Wolfgang Amann:  Management Education With Poverty Alleviation Focus: A Framework For Curriculum Design And Pedagogical Alignment              
Section II. Teaching Innovations Geri Mason: Strategies for the Integration of Poverty Alleviation into Business/Management Curriculum
Paolo Cesar Motta, Thomas Brashear: A new vocabulary for teaching poverty in marketing
Claudio Rivera:  Educating sustainable young leaders through an Organizational Behaviour course
Lutz E. Schlange: A case study of community learning and open innovation to reduce poverty at BOP
Val Lowman: Explication as a method to access and enhance practitioner and faculty learning
III. Program/Module/Curricular/Assessment Innovations Andrea Santiago, Fernando Roxas: Innovative Inclusive Development Strategies: Lessons from the Philippines
Athanasios Chymis: The importance of responsible public management for addressing the challenge of poverty.
Mindy Nitkin, Mary Shapiro: Action/Learning Models for Poverty Alleviation    

 Contact the session chairs: Milenko Gudić; Co-Chairs: Al Rosenbloom & Carol Parkes

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